Missing Sales on your Favorite Brands? Here’s the way out!

Do you ever think if there was some way you could know if there was a super awesome deal around you which you could grab? Do you feel lucky when you actually got a package which otherwise wouldn’t happen? It’s something that is on our minds often.
Actually, in doing that we came up with a brilliant idea and we decided to take things into our own hands and build something that not only helped us but also enlightened others with lightning deals and packages that you would only dream about.

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Everyone has a favorite when it comes to brands. We know the feeling when a friend comes over and tells you about a deal or a Sale you missed on your favorite brand.
Exactly this. But well, such is life! Wait, not really. Not when there are some angels out there thinking of making lives simpler for you. Not when they decide to sip tens of coffees to come up with something that you didn’t even know you needed.

So we ask you this:

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Are we? We think we know the answer. And it’s Yes!
We thought that even though we’ve been missing out on Sales, Deals and what not over the years that it’s time to build a solution.

Here’s the one-stop mantra to it all.

MyCity Buzz: “Better Than The Best”

What if we told you that with one tap you have a whole pile of deals in front of you, hand picked with love and so much thought that you wouldn’t blink before grabbing them? That’s right. That’s exactly what we’re doing with My City Buzz.

It not only brings you the best deals around you but also categories for you in ways most convenient.

Home Delivery?
We’ve got you!

And what about tons of Online Deals that just come and go.

We want you to be updated with all the new offers, discounts and sales happening in your city. And well, it all comes down to money. We’ll help you save those bucks for that extra jug of beer. Cheers!

So what are you waiting for? Download the App now!

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