5 Best Theme Restaurants of Chandigarh

As you drive into Chandigarh, you can’t help but agree with the popular claim of it being the best-planned city in India. The wide streets covered by a canopy of trees, the many gardens and parks, and the beautiful houses on every corner, each unique in design, make you gape in wonder. It is indeed a refreshing change to not have to make your way through crowded roads packed with all sorts of noisy vehicles and people – characteristic of many other Indian cities.

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When it comes to the culinary scene, there are some stunning restaurants and cafes serving delightful Global fare, especially European, American and Asian. Here again, the modern architecture of the eateries contributes to making the dining experience memorable. Simple yet so chic, the charm of minimalist design is sure to leave a deep impression on you, especially if you have an eye for art and aesthetics. Having said so, there are also numerous little eateries serving rustic yet absolutely delicious local food, where you wouldn’t mind sitting at a roadside table to dig into butter dripping paranthas and hot tikkas.

Here are 5 Best Theme Restaurants of Chandigarh

Whistling Duck

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Awarded the best multi-cuisine restaurant by the Times Food Guide, Whistling Duck is a relaxed and fun place to visit for a light lunch, with its low-hanging ceiling lights, long trestle tables made of wood, and comfortable sofas. Guests can choose to sit outside to enjoy the view while munching on their dishes from various cuisines, or sit inside near the wall shelves which stock organic ingredients such as coffee and honey and teas. The menu is well done with quirky names and an excellent variety of dishes. With an open seating plan and lots of sunlight peeping in, this restaurant is ideally suited for a relaxed and casual meal.

The Willow Café

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The Willow Café is a quaint little place in Chandigarh. From wooden tables and floors to plush curtains and sofas, and attractive lamps on the shelves and the roof, this three-storey cafe breathes charm and is reminiscent of old British restaurants. The open air terrace area has the best seats in the cafe and offers a relaxing ambiance. It offers breakfast options from Western and Indian cuisines and has delightful coffee selections. From a traditional Punjabi breakfast of parathas with curd and pickle to French toast, omelets, and sandwiches, The Willow Café is a cozy little place to visit.

Virgin Courtyard

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Virgin Courtyard is the perfect setting for a dinner date with a loved one or a casual and fun lunch with the family. With its pebbled pathway, sunlight courtyard and the white and blue decor, the restaurant is reminiscent of a quaint place in a Mediterranean country. The menu is more or less Italian fare along with a decent wine collection. The pizzas are some of the best in a city and their tiramisu is definitely worth a shot. The staff ensures the visit is even more enjoyable with their attention to detail, making the Virgin Courtyard an ideal restaurant to visit for a relaxing time.

Backpacker’s Café

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Backpacker’s Café is one of Chandigarh’s favorite breakfast spots. As the name suggests, the cafe caters mainly to travelers, with healthy breakfast options all day long and various travel magazines for guests to flip through while waiting for their order. The restaurant features a charming decor, with wall shelves filled with quirky travel items such as books, guides and toy vehicles. They serve breakfast all day long, from traditional breakfast options to custom-made choices and a range of delicious burgers. To help it go down, they also offer a range of smoothies and vegetable blends. This is an ideal pit stop for travelers and breakfast-loving people.

Brooklyn Central

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Located in the spacious Elante Mall, Brooklyn Central with its simple decor and industrial style setup is a perfect place to catch up with friends over a drink or to have a great milkshake after a long shopping spree. This New York-inspired restaurant serves diner food similar to the classic American institutions. The diner is a carnivore’s paradise with its Brooklyn’s Pancakes and Waffles, Cinnamon French Toast and the Meaty Hash Casserole being crowd favorites. Its edgy and hip vibe attracts a mix of people from the young to the old, all there for the comfort food and friendly atmosphere.

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